Walzmatic provides direct technical support for the operation of all manufactured products in Russia and CIS. 

We strive to make the best guarantee and post guarantee service to minimize your maintenance costs and equipment downtime. There is also a separate spare parts warehouse for all manufactured products, including for products that are no longer in production in our factory.

Provision of quality service is one of our priorities.

We constantly improve our products, that is why we like constructive criticism and we are attentive to every remark from our customers.

In order to respond quickly to a malfunction, including the analysis of parts or assemblies that failed, please, fill out the form below. After registration the application it will be immediately put into our database, and a specialist of the service department will contact you. The more detailed and informative you fill out the form, the faster we can help you.

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Warranty for Walzmatic products is 16 months from the date of sale.
The guarantee does not cover the following cases:

1 damage of the paint-and-lacquer coating appeared during the operation or storage of the product;

2 natural wear of wheels;

3 breakage caused by violation of the operating and storage rules;

4 breakdowns caused by an independent design change;

5 breakdowns resulting from unauthorized repairs or maintenance;

6 breakdowns due to untimely servicing
(see scheduled maintenance);

7 breakdowns or destruction of the product as a result of natural disasters, fire,
or the actions of other force major

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